In early 2021, there have been at least four “repair” shows on TV in NZ. Are any of them helpful to watch? Do you have a favourite?

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The four shows that I have extensively watched share some similarities, while each has a unique flavour.

The first that I watched was based in Los Vegas, where they worked almost exclusively with metal objects, with the goal of returning the items to their owners in a like new condition. While metal is not my medium, and while I prefer to return the item to a well-cared for, but used condition, this program captured by attention for a couple of years. It is very interesting to watch.

A second program is based out of Wales with a couple of guys traveling around the UK and Europe finding unique long-forgotten objects, buying them, restoring them at their workshop in Wales, and then selling them through the internet. I like this show, not least because the owner is genuinely interested in what he does, and appears to be honest with those he deals with.

A third show seems to have followed the path of #2, in that the main guy travels around finding discarded, disparate, mainly metal objects, and then gets his team to fashion unique objects and then sticks a light bulb in whatever they have made. The main character is undoubtedly creative, his works often end up in pubs, or office foyers as a conversational centre-piece. As a side note, this shows makes extensive use of “Brown Wax” applied to metal and wood alike, a favourite of UK antique dealers, but a practice I personally abhor.

We now come to my personal favourite: The Repair Shop, based in England. This features a wide variety of skilled artisans and artists, who restore family heirlooms which are brought into their workshop in an aged farm building. Most items have 2 or more people collaborating on their restoration. The items are returned to their owners, almost always in working order, but without having removed all the patina acquired from age and use. Each item has a personal history which adds interest and meaning to the work. Without a doubt, this is my favourite, and is my most highly commended show of this genre:

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