Large Dry Slabs: Macrocarpa, Matai, etc

Macrocarpa trees were first planted in New Zealand in the 1800s, primarily as windbreaks on farms. The timber closely resembles NZ Kauri. Macrocarpa slabs often feature waving grain and knots. We only sell slabs that have been air dried for a long time. The Macrocarpa slabs numbered Mac-161 to Mac-169 were milled in 2007 and have been keep under cover since then, and are now For Sale as either Rough Sawn or Finished. The NZ Matai slab Matai-170 was milled before 2005. All these slabs are thoroughly dry and suitable for interior use such as tables, bench/bar tops, or turned into “River Tables” (Wood & Resin). They are approximately 75mm thick and will dress down to 40-50mm thick. They can also be used outside - provided they are kept protected from the sun with UV blocking Tung Oil (or similar). Our slabs are For Sale as either dry Rough Sawn, or we will flattened, sand and finished them for you as Table/Bench tops. Each slab is listed twice: Rough Sawn Slab, or Completely Finished Top.

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